Your Guide to Ready Mix Concrete

At Yes Mix Concrete we are specialists when it comes to supplying ready mix concrete. We have many years’ experience in the industry and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of any work we provide. So you can rest assured that you will receive ready mix concrete of the highest quality and in a way that meets your exact requirements and specifications.

One of the main questions we face is, “how much ready mix concrete do I need?” With us there is no chance of you over paying or receiving too little concrete. We have a digitally metered service which means that you only pay for what you have used. If you require a different amount to your original estimate, we will simply adjust how much we make in order to suit your needs.

 Guide to Ready Mix Concrete

What is ready mix concrete?

It is a commonly used concrete product, but what exactly is ready mix concrete? Numerous raw materials such as sand, cement, aggregates and water are mixed together in order to create the concrete mix we lay for our customers. Normally the aggregates will be crushed stone, slag or gravel.

We only ever mix on site, using our advanced volumetric trucks. This is done so that, if we need to, we can adjust the ratios of the mix or we can alter the materials being used to create ready mix concrete. Regardless of the material mix, strength or amount you desire, by mixing on site we also guarantee there is ample time to be able to lay the ready-mix concrete before it can begin to set and dry.

Once mixed the concrete we provide is either pumped to the area of the project where it is required, or it is transferred by wheelbarrow. Ready mix concrete, regardless of the materials used as part of the mix, is ideal for a variety of uses.

Why use ready mix concrete?

There are many applications for ready mix concrete – it is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Another benefit to it is that you can create a range of mixes due to the number of different materials that can be used. Aggregates which are implemented into the mix, provide it with strength and durability.

Other reasons to use ready mix concrete are that because the materials are mixed on site you can take advantage in a reduction in labour costs and having to pay for numerous project supervisors. Ready mix concrete has a low pollution output and uses a lot of raw materials so is also classed as an environmentally friendly product.

Whatever strength, combination of materials or quantity of concrete you require, we can provide the ideal products for you ready to be made fresh on site as and when you are ready to use them. We also regularly add supporting fibres to the ready mix to add further strength and to allow the mixes to be used for heavy duty projects.

What does ready mix cost?

The cost of the concrete depends on how much ready mix you need. If you already know the area size that you require, then you can use our concrete calculator to find out the exact amount of cubic meters of concrete you require.

Regardless of the size of the job, we are able to provide our customers and clients with a cost-effective solution and, as mentioned earlier in the post, we offer a digitally metered service to ensure you only pay for what you use.

To find out more information on any of the concrete products we provide, or how much ready mix concrete you need, you can contact our helpful team on 01925 648 069. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form and the Yes Mix Concrete experts will get back to you.

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