Ready Mix Concrete vs Concrete Mixed on Site

With any construction project there comes a time when you must decide which type of concrete you want to use. The expert Yes Mix team have taken a look at two of the most commonly used types favoured in the industrial sector.

In this blog, we outline both ready mix concrete and site mix concrete by discussing what each one really is. Each type has their own values and uses.

Ready mix concrete is a concrete form that is manufactured and then delivered to the customer ready-to-use on site. It involves mixing raw materials as and when required on site. The contents of the mix can be tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Ready Mix Concrete vs Concrete Mixed on Site

Site mix concrete involves mixing cement, sand and water in a ratio. A variety of formulas can be used and some can take quite a large amount of time to mix. It is important to scrupulously mix the exact proportions of each ingredient as the formula necessitates.

Check out further differences as categorised below. We have taken a look at surplus for each type as well as the equipment used and the quality of each product.

Clients and businesses who utilise ready-mix concrete only pay for the amount they have used. We operate a pay-as-you-use system and even offer an online concrete calculator to determine roughly how much you will need and its cost. With site mix concrete it is common for wastage to occur which can prove costly.

Ready mix concrete does not require any additional equipment. Mixed in advanced volumetric trucks we transport it from our trucks to the areas of your construction site as and when it is needed. Because it is delivered on site it can also save a considerable amount of space. For a site mix concrete, a weight batch mixer is needed on site.

Our ready-mix concrete has a consistent quality as here at Yes Mix we only use premium materials. We also choose to add strengthening fibres to suit your requirements. The quality is much more controlled than site mix concrete which is low in quality and due to the way it is mixed requires constant supervision and therefore more manpower. Site mix takes longer to set and that is due to potential irregularities with the quality.

After comparing the various aspects that make each type of concrete what they are it is safe to say that ready mix concrete is a much more favourable option to choose for your construction or industrial development.

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